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  • There's a few key tools that I always have on my desk when making cards. These are the items that I use so frequently that they simply don't get put away.

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10 February 2011


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Jen T

I love your style but you don't make it easy to buy your stamps. There's no Internet presence or even a "where to buy" on the web site. Even the Contact email bounces. PLEASE stay in business. I've never even had the chance to buy your product and have admired your style for ages (A LSS carried some for a while but were always sold out, but LOVED the samples.)


Thanks! Yes - we have great things planned for the year! Our website is technically under construction since our web server had a fire over the summer and lost all of our backed up files. Keep checking back because we are in the process of updating it. Our blog and facebook are two great places to keep updated on projects, various items that we are promoting and local stores that are having Savvy classes and events!

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